The Benefits of using Auto-Entry and Similar apps that offers similar service in QBO.

‘Auto-Entry’ is a 3rd party software application, or ‘App’, which Quickbooks recommends downloading and using for automatic data entry. It is designed to capture all your credit card and bank statements, receipts, expenses and invoices in the device and uploads them to Quickbooks Online.

The Auto-Entry app is designed to be beneficial for most small to medium-sized businesses. More than 2,600 accountants and 105,000 business organizations are already using this new software across the UK. This App has been cited as a groundbreaking development in expense management software by several accountancy firms and tech companies alike.

Simply put, it vastly reduces your time & printing costs. You can do all this on-the-go using your mobile device, tablet or laptop, capturing & publishing accurate and verified data to your Quickbooks Online account. This leaves you with more time on your hands to focus on your business, instead of accounting or bookkeeping. This is how it works in just simple 4 steps:

✓ Scan, snap or email a copy of the document you want to capture.

✓ AutoEntry extracts and analyses the data.

✓ Once done, items will appear in the inbox for you to approve into QuickBooks.

✓ If you prefer, AutoEntry will auto-publish known vendors. (saving you even more time).

There are similar apps delivering the same output to QBO customers. Such as;

Expensify:  Automates the entire receipt and expense management process and offers receipt and mileage tracking, expense reporting, and company card reconciliation. It has almost all the same features as Auto-Entry.

Excel Transactions Importer and Deleter: Easily import, export and delete many lists and transaction types into QBO from any text or Excel and CSV file, which gives you complete control of the import process.

We would recommend you have the following apps if you are using QBO:

  1. Appointment Based Businesses (Doctors, Salons, Personal trainers, Driving instructors & Mechanics etc).

✓  Method: CRM – Helps you to keep CRM data in one place.

✓ TSheets – Effortlessly track employees time sheets.

  1. Retail and e-Commerce Businesses (Restaurants, Coffeeshop, Hardware stores & Furniture stores etc).
    ✓ DAER Inventory – All in one cloud-based inventory management. This will help you to overcome the specific challenges of selling product and managing inventory.
  2.  Professional and field service Businesses (Consultants, Photographers, General Contractors etc)

✓ Jobber – useful for job costing, bid and contract management, order management and more

✓ Corecon – useful for job costing, bid and contract management, order management and more.

List of beneficial apps for QuickBooks:

1. Essential Apps for Clients –

● Can access anywhere ci& anytime.

● Can access anywhere ci& anytime.

● Auto Entry

● TSheets Time Tracking

● Greenback: Itemized Receipt Fetching

● ChronoBooks

● 9 Spokes

● Receipt Bank

2. Accounts payable Apps (Top 3)

● AutoEntry.

● Concur Travel and Expense

● Receipt Bank

3. Accounts Receivable Apps (Top 3)

● Invoice Sherpa 2.0.

● AR Collect

● RevenueBooks

4. Billing & Invoicing Apps (Top 3)

● Time Tracker by eBillity

● Freedom Merchants

● Practice Ignition

6. Data Sync Apps (Top 3)

● Method: CRM

● Excel Transactions Importer and Deleter

● Business Importer

8. Expense Management Apps (Top 3)

● Expensify

● Excel Transactions Importer and Deleter

● Business importer

5. CRM Apps (Top 3)

● Method: CRM

● Insightly CRM

● AR Collect

7. eCommerce Apps (Top 3)

● Stripe and PayPal sync – Business Payments

● Transaction Pro Importer

● A2X for

9. Field Service Management Apps (Top 3)

● ClockShark Time Tracking

● Jobber

● Time Tracking by BoomrReal Time

10. Stock Management Apps (Top 3)

● WooCommerce by OnceSaas

● SOS Inventory

● WooCommerce QuickBooks Online

11. Payment Processing Apps (Top 3)

● Stripe and Paypal sync – Business Payments

● Freedom Merchants

● Invoice Sherpa 2.0

12. Payroll Apps (Top 3)

● Instaff

● Transactions delete

● Telephone Timesheets

13. Point of sale Solution Apps (Top 3)

● Hike – POS Software, Retail Management,

● DEAR Inventory

● Agiliron

14. Project Management Apps (Top 3)

● Insightly CRM

● Aero Workflow

● Quotient

15. Reporting Apps (Top 3)

● Qvinci – Automated Financial Reporting & BI

● LivePlan

● Fathom

16. Time Tracking Apps (Top 3)

● Tsheet Time Tracking

● Time Tracker by e-Billity

● ClockShark Time Tracking

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