The benefits of using a bookkeeper for your business

Using a bookkeeper for a business is a cost-effective way to reduce the burden of bookkeeping and saves more time to get on with running your business. Many SME doesn’t hire full-time accountants to work for them because the costs are usually higher. Instead, SME’s generally hire a bookkeeper or outsource the job to a professional firm. If you can find a reliable outsourced bookkeeping firm, especially for who intend to start a new business to overlook and keep records of every penny spent, that is the first success of the new business.

With a growing number of SME businesses and the recent introduction of MTD for vat return, HMRC research suggests that there never been more demand for good bookkeepers. Always remember to verify your bookkeeper’s credentials in order to get quality and accurate service outcome.

In a simple way, if you have a good bookkeeper, he/she will:

➤ Help you with your cash-flow, VAT returns, and tax bills.

➤ Sort out your receipts, chase invoices and pay bills.

➤ Ensure you’re claiming for the right expenses, even when you have used the wrong credit card.

➤ Save your time & money.

Without a bookkeeper, a business owner has little to no idea of where their business is going.

❃ You won’t know if it’s currently in profit or loss.

❃ You won’t know if there are cash-flow problems.

❃ You won’t know how much you have to pay, or how much they owe you.

❃ You won’t know whether they are approaching any important thresholds such as the threshold for mandatory VAT registration, AI Allowance, Profit limits for NI contributions, Relief limits for Capital gain tax, and Corporation tax rates.

Furthermore, without a proper bookkeeper in place (as well as an accurate set of books) even accountants can’t do their work properly. And so, the demand for certified bookkeepers comes not just from business owners, but also from accountants, who are happy to outsource their work to bookkeepers who have experience and recognized qualifications.

Nowadays outsourcing the bookkeeping work to online accounting professionals is most cost-effective and less stress. There are many advantages, such as:

✓ Saves much of your accountancy fees and will reduce the workload of your accountant has to do.

✓ Maintaining all ledger accounts in real time basis.

✓ Access or request for financial reports anytime you want (updated management reports, profit and loss reports, balance sheets, debtors and creditors lists, aged debtors’ lists, customer databases).

✓ Access or request for essential data from historical records when needed.

✓ Backup your important day to day records and available to take when required.

✓ Keep your active financial records off-site and assure total confidentiality.

✓ (OR) Keeping proper business records required by law/HMRC.

✓ Helps you track on all activities and documents in order to do annual taxes, without rushing to find bills and expenses when the time you pay tax.

✓ Be more profitable, by saving your time from routine tasks to focus on own business progress.

If you have quality and accurate bookkeeping system, that will lead your business to further profits through efficiency and productivity in a convenient style. Only a good bookkeeper can maintain quality and accurate financial records.

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